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Welcome to Dragonfly Studio Creations



Barbara Mason’s art is a living testament to the fact that life is can be difficult, that God is good, love conquers all, and that friendship sees us through, that kindness persists.... especially, in our day and times.

There is a sense of freedom in her artwork. Barbara’s paintings are bold with the red of life and white with illumination combined with the  blue of a powerful message. The artistic symbolism and provoking images focus on our common surroundings and the things we carry - and conquer - on a daily basis.

 Dragonfly Studio Creations also offers Barbara's artwork in the form of:    

Original Watercolor Paintings                                

Original Pastel Paintings                                                                                                                  

Commissioned paintings ~ based on ideas, words or scripture 

Limited Edition Giclee Paintings


Anyone can relate to a piece of Dragonfly Studio Creations's art, because there is something for everyone - be that a reflection of a church on a pond, tulips in a garden, the intuitive eyes of a Virtuous Woman or the sleek balance of a hood ornament on a hotrod. 

With this art you receive more than a tangible product you receive the gift of an unquestionable feeling.Much of the art is spiritual and does convey Barbara's heritage, yet the appeal is vast because  the emotion is shared.  Joy.  Emptiness.  Love.  Expression.  All of us have a need for something and will identify with Dragonfly Studio Creations

Barbara and James Mason want to reachand witness to the masses.                                                                 Given that, why would they want to paint themselves in a corner?                                                                           

For every life there is a reason and a season.  It is Barb's season.                   

 Witness for yourself....

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